I love talking tech, travelling, meeting new people and making a bit of a fool of myself in public. Speaking at conferences and user groups gives me the perfect opportunity to endulge all of those interests. I come up with new talks all the time, and at any given moment there are usually at least two or three new ones in development, but these are the ones I've finished and have been known to subject members of the public to:

Down the Oregon Trail with Functional C#

A worked example of a complete Functional C# application, ported from an legendary, old 1975 game called Oregon Trail.

Steganography - The data that's hidden right under your 6e6f7365

A fun talk on ways to hide secret messages in plain sight.

SOLID Principles in 5 Nightmares

Some of the most basic principles behind Object-Orientated development, what they are, and what can go wrong if they aren't followed.

Pride & Prejudice and C#

How we can use a simple machine learning technique and a bit of C# to generate whole new books "by" Jane Austen.

Functional Programming in C#

A look at how we might implement the functional programming paradigm using C# language features that date back as far as C# 4.

Hacking C#: Development for the Truly Lazy

How can we achieve our development goals using as little effort as possible? How to be productive, but lazy, using Functional progamming, Linq and MetaProgramming

Functional Programming in JavaScript

With the use of a few simple JS libraries, we can create a full implementation of the Functional Programming paradigm without much effort