STEGANOGRAPHY - The data that's hidden right under your 6e6f7365#

We've all heard of Encryption, right? That's hiding a message in plain sight, but processed so that (hopefully) no-one can read it. We should all be using this all the time.

There is another method to protecting data that you might not have considered. A technique that pre-dates encryption to the extend that it was in use in Ancient Greece - Steganography. It's not just for those guys from antiquity, though - we can use it even now to this day to conceil messages where no-one would ever think to look for them.

In this talk I'll be introducing the concept of steganography, where it might be used, why you might do it, and how a C# developer can implement it fairly easily.

Presented at:

DotNet Oxford - Virtual - 22 April, 2022